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About NURBS Engineering

NURBS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-domain engineering service provider that serves a wide range of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Nuclear & Vacuum, High-Speed rail/metro, Rolling stock, and Heavy Machinery industry.

Our specialized service spectrum is in the niche areas of Aeronautical designs, Defense applications, Thermal-structural-vibrational analysis using FEA, Aero-hydrodynamic fluid simulations using CFD, Thermo-Mechanical design of Equipment, Mechanism Automation in vacuum & nuclear industry.

Our History

NURBS Engineering is formulated by a team of experts with 15 to 30 years of industry experience in engineering consulting, manufacturing, and project management, who has executed many prestigious projects globally.


Core strength of the company is the diversified engineering service spectrum that is addressed through experienced in-house team, external associates and consultants.

NURBS Engineering Pvt Ltd is registered as an engineering service consultancy start-up is working in collaboration with industry experts, govt./semi-govt. labs, aero-mechanical & civil departments of prestigious universities, institutions (IITs/IISc) who contribute as our advisors and collaborators. We cater services to Operators and Manufacturers, OEMs, Government R&D Labs, Defense organizations and Private companies.

Our Vision

To become a Global Engineering Service company by delivering true, feasible solutions understanding customer needs and become trustworthy partner in business.

Our Mission

Deliver advanced engineering solutions to industrial problems by use of specialized problem-solving techniques, ensuring customer delight.

Why NURBS Engineering?

We believe our values and business approach with definitive actions can make us your reliable partner.

As today’s engineering world is transforming, we can as a company offer our expertise with extreme precision to satisfy as per customer’s requirement.  In NURBS Engineering, we are ready to define what others do not, and we are ready to accept the challenges, we are ready to assimilate into a dynamic world.


The service capability is diversified and optimized using Artificial Engineering & Machine Learning concepts, thereby develop a quick and robust delivery platform to delight our customers.









Image by Qinghong Shen

Our Business Approach

We are focused on developing our customer relationship with an exceptional experience and through an element of emotional connection. We believe in listening and learning our customers' positions, their challenges and needs to find the utmost effective solution that can offer a “WOW” experience.


We are committed to provide a sense of unique service through our advanced state-of-the art technological support and domain expertise, thereby being a value partner to our customers.

Our Team

Our team is a major factor behind all our successes and we as a responsible employer committed to offer respect to their values and diversity. Our in-house culture embedded with a factor of empathy, foster a good relationship among us for better productivity and a higher range of satisfaction. We are committed on developing our team’s skillsets through continuous learning, constantly seek out “to think outside the box” including strategy, market, customers, and technologies.

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