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Services & Markets

We offer services in the field of New Product Development, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Reverse Engineering, Analytical and Code based Mechanical Design, Thermal Engineering, Mechanism Simulation, ER&D, Rotor Dynamics, Failure Analysis (RCFA) and Design Validation using FEA & CFD tools. The service spectrum is as listed below.

Product Design

NURBS Engineering provide product design support to new product designers, machine manufacturers, operators, technologist and EPCs serving in transportation industries, indigenous products for aerospace and defense, automobile industry, heavy machinery, bio-medical, packaging solutions & consumer industry.

We can help you develop better products with our expertise in services as below:

  • Concept design – NPD

  • Domain specific design

  • Product Design & Development

  • Concept Modeling & Sizing

  • Design of Aero/Auto components

  • Sheet Metal Design & Surface Modeling

  • Design to manufacture and assembly

  • Layout design

  • Weldment design

  • Engineering change implementation

  • After market design service

  • Reverse Engineering

  • 3D modelling from 2D drawings

Product Design

Design Analysis - FEA

NURBS Engineering has extensive and versatile experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) applied to Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Heavy Machinery, and Lifting Equipment design:

Our major FEA services are listed as below:

  • Structural Analysis

  • Static & Dynamic Analysis

  • Transient Analysis

  • Simulate contact stresses

  • Stress Linearization as per standards

  • Thermal Structural Coupled Analysis

  • Conduction & Convection Simulation

  • Radiation Simulation

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Response spectrum Analysis

  • Fatigue Analysis & Life Cycle evaluation

  • Buckling Analysis

  • Explicit Dynamics & Blast Analysis

Design Analysis

Design Streamlining – CFD

NURBS Engineering is equipped with hands-on experience and high analytical capability to predict fluid flow patterns and streamline behavior using CFD & CHT tools across the industry pertaining to aerodynamic simulation, hydrodynamic study and elevated temperature gas flow, gas dynamics and supersonics. 

Our major CFD services are listed as below:


  • Internal & External Aerodynamics of Flying bodies

  • CFD of subsonic and supersonic air intakes & nozzles

  • CFD simulation of compressors and pumps

  • CFD & CHT of cryogenic fluids in cooling channels

  • FIV study of ventilation & tunnel exhaust systems

  • Flow analysis and shock prediction of high-speed rails

  • CFD Simulation for underground systems – Metro train

  • CFD analysis of pleated air filters as porous medium



  • Hydrodynamic simulation of pipes & open channels

  • Pump intake and sump CFD modeling

  • Multiphase & Multi species simulation of fluid systems

  • CFD for Aeration basin & particle tracking


Thermal & Flow profiling:

  • Flow streamlining & vortex prediction in Boilers, HRSGs & ducts

  • Thermal mapping of boiler tubes, high temperature gas ducts

  • Fluid & Thermal analysis of WHBs and Heat exchangers

  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis to predict hot spots & skin temperature

Design Streamlining

Mechanism Design & Automation

NURBS Engineering is specialized in Mechanical Design, Mechanism selection and simulation, Life prediction, Failure Analysis & Design validation of Automated systems.


Our major services in this domain are listed as follows:

Machine Design.jpg
  • Concept Design, Mechanism selection & configuration

  • Sizing of load bearing structure & calculation

  • Selection of Motors, Drives, Couplings, Gears, Bearings etc.

  • Detailed engineering & Testing for remote handling

  • FEA validation- Static, Dynamic & Lifting Analysis

  • Life cycles estimation and Fatigue evaluation

  • Prepare Fabrication drawing and As-built drawings

  • Digital Mock-up and Simulation / motion analysis

  • Design & Automation of Below-the-Hook-Lifting Devices

  • Design & Automation of bulk-loaders and bin lifters

Machanism Design

Equipment Engineering

NURBS Engineering brings an overall expertise of 15+ years for multiple clients across India & Middle East ranging from equipment engineering using hand calculations, ASME & TEMA codes, detailed engineering, and FEA validation of HRSGs, WHBs, pressure vessels, vacuum chambers & heat exchangers, support design analysis and piping engineering.


Our Specialized skill set in thermal-structural coupled FEA, thermal mapping & fluid simulations using CFD/CHT help us to provide optimized design solution with increased reliability and safety.

The major services in equipment design are as listed below:

  • Pressure Vessel Design

  • Horton Sphere Design

  • Vacuum vessels for nuclear applications

  • Vacuum vessels for cryogenics & aerospace testing

  • Thermal & Mechanical design of Heat Exchanger

  • Process design, PID  & datasheet preparation

  • Tank Design & Detailing as per ASME & API Codes

  • Piping Design, selection of fittings, GAD & MTO

  • Skid GAD, Steel Structural detail drawings & MTO

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Equipment Engineering

Vibration & Rotor Dynamics

NURBS Engineering is proficient in doing vibration study & failure investigation using RCFA tools such as 5 Why, Fish bone & spreadsheets.  We apply FEA techniques to identify cause of failure, CFD simulation to estimate flow induced failures and CHT study thermal expansion related failures along with site evaluations and studying operation trends. Re-Design of new concept with Detailed Engineering and Fabrication drawing is provided for new solution.

Our major services in this domain are listed as below:

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis – RCFA of static & rotary equipment

  • Rotor Dynamics Vibration Study & Simulation

  • Critical speeds of rotors and mode shapes

  • Effect of bearing stiffness on critical speeds

  • Unbalance response, Stability of the bearings

  • Whirl and whip of rotor

  • Campbell Diagram and Interference diagrams

  • Stress, strain, deflection, and effect on clearances

  • Torsional behavior of rotating system

Avionics Engineering

Steel Structural Design & Detailing

We provide comprehensive solutions for industry & commercial buildings, infrastructure projects and plant structures at competitive prices & excellent quality.


Our major services in this domain are listed as below:

  • Steel Structure Design

  • 3D CAD detailing and modeling

  • Member Sizing & connection design

  • Baseplate calculation

  • Anchor bolt & Foundation Loads

  • Lifting & Transportation Calculation

  • RCC Foundation Design

  • Pedestal & Raft Design

  • Connection Design, Metal detailing

  • Advanced B.O.Q for procurement

  • Anchor Bolt, Column Holding Down

  • General Arrangement for construction

  • Shop & Fabrication Drawings

  • Assembly & Single Part Drawings

Image by Dakota Roos
Steel Structure

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our Services in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) is intended to combine innovative methodologies with AI technology which will optimize your business services, core competencies, and thereby enable to deliver cutting edge solutions for the next generation companies. 

The objective is to accentuate and assimilate the knowledge spread in organizations and projects through data collection, processing & self-learning techniques of AI & ML for aligning the company goals to meet demands of the global arena.

Machine learning (ML) algorithms can be used to map a reduced set of data coming from real-time measurements of a structure or a fluid system into a detailed and high-fidelity computational model of the same system.


Industry / Vertical:

We deliver services to various EPC, manufacturers, operators, Defence, R&D clients in multiple industries such as given below


Aerospace & Defense

New Product Development, UAVs/MUAVs, Aerostructural Design, Aerothermodynamic Design,
CAD Modeling & Detailing, Design Substantiation FEA & CFD, Wind Tunnel Design, Supersonics, Combustion modeling, Vitiated Heater experimentation /testing.


Transportation Industry (Rail / Automotive)

Product Design, Detailed Engineering and Automation, Tunnel Exhaust & Ventilation Simulation, Flow Induced Vibration studies, Static & Dynamic Vibration of Rotary systems, Design Substantiation FEA & CFD Simulation of High-Speed Rails.


Nuclear & Vacuum Industry

ASME Code based design, Vacuum chamber design, Structural & Thermal validation of chambers & cooling channels using FEA/CFD, Horton Sphere Design, Mechanism Design and Automation.


Oil & Gas Industry

Equipment design, Skid design, Pressure vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchanger design, FEA & CFD of Boilers & HRSGs, 3D modelling and structural detailing, Steel Structure Design & detailing / Civil Foundation.

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Heavy Engineering and Machinery Industries

New Product Development assistance, Product Modelling, Reverse Engineering, CAD/FEA/CFD services, shop floor drawing assistance and document management.



Rotary Dynamics, Vibration study, Thermal & Structural coupled analysis, Flow induced vibration & flow induced turbulence study, Thermal mapping, hot spot identification and critical stress evaluation.

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